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Kriwan INT69 B1 (22A607)

Kriwan INT69 B1 (22A607)  KRIWAN INT69 B1 (22A607) MOTOR PROTECTOR  KRIWAN

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Application:                                                                                                                                                                                     The INT69 B1 motor protector has been developed especially for use in cases with a higher starting load or for drives with a high switching frequency.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Functional description :                                                                                               
At the measuring circuit input of the INT69 B1 (orange wires), it is possible to connect up to nine DIN 44081/082-conform PTC sensors. Sensors with different nominal response temperatures may be used.                                                                                  
Thus it is possible to monitor several measuring points with only one INT69 B1 motor protector.If the temperature in one of the monitored parts or sections exceeds the nominal response temperature of the respective PTC sensor, the sensor becomes highly resistive and the motor protector switches off.         
After cooldown, restarting is only possible if the electronic lock of the output relay is released by interrupting the voltage supply. Ex works the lock-out bridge is installed at terminals B1-B2. Alternatively the locked version can be changed to an unlocked version by removing bridge B1-B2. In that case the device switches itself on again after the cooldown.The relay switch output is designed as a potential free change-over contact.

This switching circuit function according to the closed-circuit principle, i.e. the relay drops back to the reset position also in case of sensor or cable failure and shuts off. The sensor, relay and supply circuits are galvarically isolated from each others. 


Supply voltage AC 115-230V                                    Hose Power : up to 12
Permitted ambient temperature -30...+70°C
Temperature measuring circuits: Type 1-9 PTC sensors acc. to DIN 44081, DIN 44082 in series
Temperature measuring circuits: R_25, total <1.8kΩ
Temperature measuring circuits: R_trip 4.5kΩ ±20%
Temperature measuring circuits: R_trip, static 4.5kΩ ±20%
Temperature measuring circuits: R_reset 2.75kΩ ±20%
Temperature measuring circuits:                                Max. length connection line 30m
Resetting the lock Main reset >5s only possible if there is no error current
Relay: Connection AC 240V 2.5A C300 at least AC/DC 24V 20mA
Relay: Mechanical service life Approx. 1 million switching cycles
Protection class acc. To EN 60529 IP00
Connection type Flat plug sleeves (PTC), screw terminals
Housing material PA glass-fibre-reinforced
Mounting Screw mounted
Dimensions Refer to dimensions in mm
Weight Approx. 170g
Check base EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3 EN 61010-1 Overvoltage category II Pollution level 2
Approval UL File No. E75899 cURus

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